Policy Change: Staring January 1, 2017 all advancement reporting must be done online.  Click here to download the new council policy.

Who's Who for Advancement in Garden State Council

The Advancement Committee is here to help make the BSA program the best it can be for the youth of the Garden State Council.  If you know how we can improve the program, please contact:

·     Skip Dane, the GSC Advancement Chair,

at Advancement@GardenStateScouting.org


·     Paul Beckwith and Margaret Clark, the Baysea District Advancement Co-Chairs,

           at Baysea-Adv@GardenStateScouting.org

·     Emilie Reese, the Mahalala District Advancement Chair,

at Mahalala-Adv@GardenStateScouting.org

·     Cathy Alscher, the Old Colony District Advancement Chair,

          at OldColony-Adv@GardenStateScouting.org

·     Ron Rupp, the Quakesen District Advancement Chair,

           at Quakesen-Adv@GardenStateScouting.org

·     Jim Gibson, the White Horse District Advancement Chair,

          at WhiteHorse-Adv@GardenStateScouting.org


Units may view advancement records and submit advancement reports on-line using: