Council Officers

Council Officers

The Garden State Council is led by a team of professional Scouters and volunteers who develop, provide and oversee the council's programming. The key leadership of the council is the council key-3: Council President, Scout Executive, and Council Commissioner.

Council Key-3

Council President: Ed Lynes
Scout Executive: Patrick Linfors
Commissioner: John Laielli

The council is overseen by an Executive Board composed of volunteer leaders from the community. The council Executive Board meets throughout the year to support fundraising, administer program, and conduct the governance of the council. The board is led by the Council President, who is supported by fourteen officers responsibile for the different areas of the Garden State Council.

Council officers

Executive Vice President Deb Rosen
Treasurer Joseph Cleary
Vice President - Ethics & Internal Affairs Col. (Ret.) Carl A. Williams
Vice President - Fund Development Timothy Guim  
Vice President - Governance Christine A. Mohan
Vice President - Marketing Kevin Pustizzi
Vice President - Membership Al Garcia
Vice President - Alumni Relations Richard Morris, Jr.
Vice President - District Operations James Andreacci
Vice President - Program John Galati
Vice President - Relationships Andrew Hanyzewski