Eagle Scout

Need help in navigating your trail to Eagle?

Look for a "Trail to Eagle" presentation announcement in the Knapsack.  When you attend, you will get answers to your questions from GSC Advancement team members.  These experienced scouters will show you what to expect as you blaze your own trail to Eagle.  Life Scouts and their parents are invited to attend this presentation and learn about the Eagle Scout process.

Get the inside scoop about:

•    The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

•    The Eagle Scout Rank Application

•    The Eagle Scout Service Project Coach

•    Letters of Reference (see attachment below)

If you cannot wait for the next live presentation, the last “Trail To Eagle” presentation is attached as a PDF below.   But beware!  It is easy to get lost in all the details of the paper copy without a live speaker.

The advancement team is willing to meet with small groups and answer questions if requested.