Internet Rechartering

Every year units must complete the Charter Renewal process in order to remain active in the Scouting program. This process involves checking your roster, verifying position and contact information, adding and deleting members, and paying the National BSA annual registration, charter and insurance fees. 

National has made several enhancements and changes to the Internet Rechartering system for 2018 - 

  • The user interface has been redesigned to more closely match My.Scouting Tools so that it is easier to read and navigate
  • Youth Protection Training is now required for all registered leaders. You won't be able to submit your charter if you have leaders who don't have current YPT.
  • Your Chartered Organization Representative will be able to electronically authorize your charter renewal. 
  • You will now be able to pay for your charter online via credit card. The usual cash/check/unit account methods of payment will, of course, remain available.

A PDF of a presentation describing all the changes in great detail is available here, along with a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

The 2018 Internet Charter Renewal Portal will open on November 1, 2017, and units are expected to complete the process and turn in all paperwork and fees by December 15, 2017. 

The first step in the process click the button below to login to the Internet Charter Renewal Portal with your Unit ID and access code.  This information will be mailed in late October to all Cubmasters, Scoutmasters and Committee Chairs.  If you don't receive the information by November please contact your District Executive. 

The Garden State Council has put together a step-by-step Charter Renewal Instruction Guide and a Check List to use before submitting the charter to help ensure that your charter is complete and able to be processed. 

The complete Charter Renewal Package for Packs, Troops and Crews consists of:

  • Journey to Excellence Form* - Click on your unit type to download the correct form. Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Venturing CrewFor more information or directions on how to fill out these forms click here.  

    Note: The JTE forms that were mailed with your recharter packets are for 2018 rather than 2017. Use the 2017 forms linked above to report on your progress for this past year and save the 2018 forms to plan your unit's program for 2018.

  • Friends of Scouting Committment Form* - Use this form to schedule your Pack, Troop or Crew's Friends of Scouting presentation. There is a different form for each district: BayseaQuakesenMahalalaOld ColonyWhite Horse.  

* Note that items marked with an asterisk should be returned with your completed charter.

JTE Patches Unit Incentive: Any unit that turns in a completed charter along with payment and the completed Journey to Excellence form by December 15 will be eligible for special "On time Incentive" pricing for JTE patches. Click here for the order form. 

If you have any questions about the Charter Renewal Process please contact your District Executive or your District Commissioner, the contact information is located on your district's Charter Renewal Fee Worksheet.