ITOLS self assessment and in-person testing overview Saturday May 16th, 2015

ITOLS self assessment and in-person testing overview Saturday May 16th, 2015

ITOLS self assessment and in-person testing overview

Boy Scouts of America has recognized that a small but significant number of adults, for whom Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (ITOLS) is required; may already possess, have taught, and can demonstrate those skills.  Councils have therefore been asked to to provide a "self assessment and testing"process; which will substitute for the need to take the ITOLS weekend course.

The process requires that the adult leader be registered with the Boy Scouts of America, that the leader is current with Youth Protection and has completed all Leader Position Specific training courses for that position (except ITOLS), and that the leader has the approval of his/her Unit Committee Chair.

The applicant will then complete the Application/Self-assessment and obtain the approval of their Unit Committee Chair.  Once completed, the Application should be emailed to the Council Training Chair Robert Bardsley.  (rbardsley2011@gmail.com) Depending upon the the initial review of the the application, the participant will either either attend the in-person testing session or be advised to attend the full ITOLS course.

Possible outcomes of the approximately 3 hour testing session are:

  1. Meets course criteria and the participant's record will be credited for completion of ITOLS.
  2. Does not meet the criteria in a limited set of skills and a mentor will be assigned to help the applicant with those skills.
  3. Does not meet the criteria in a number of skills and the participant will be expected to take the ITOLS course. 

Date: Saturday May 16th

Location: McFadden Pavillion-Camp Grice

Registration:  We ask that you register for the testing session so we can plan accordingly for the number of participants. Link can be found on the May 16th date on the Council calendar.

Fee: There is a $5.00 fee to cover cost of materials and refreshments.  

Uniform: The BSA activity uniform is suggested attire.  

Click here to register.

There will be a Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific course on Wednesday 4/29 and May 6th.  Click here to register.