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Nominations Open for the Anson J. Wager Service Award

Nominations Open for Anson J. Wager Service Awards - Do you know a Scout who

has earned either the Eagle Scout or Venture Summit Award, and also the Religious

Emblem of their Faith? How about an adult leader who has received the Religious Emblem

of their Faith as a scout or an adult? If these individuals have also provided unwavering service 

to others as Andy Wager did during his lifetime, please nominate them for the Anson J. Wager Service Award. 

December 1 Membership Fee Update

Volunteers of the Garden State Council –

We invite you to watch the video message and review the FAQ below.

The key takeaway: there was recently announced an annual membership fee increase from the National Council – from $33 to $60 for Scout youth, an increase of $27.

The Garden State Council will cover half the cost ($13.50 per Scout) of this increase. Council leadership believes no financial burden, or the poor timing of such an announcement, should prevent a young person from being a Scout.

Here is the video link:

A message from the Scout Executive regarding Membership Fee Increase

To the Garden State Council Family –

As I shared with you several weeks ago, we were made aware of an expected increase to the annual membership/registration fee. Since then, I’ve had many conversations with volunteers and families and much of the feedback exemplified a “Scout is helpful.”

Not knowing what the increase would be, volunteers from different Packs, Troops and Crews across our 6+ counties shared with me plans such as: