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River Jam Talent Show

All campers are invited to audition for a spot on Saturday night's big show at River Jam! Skits, musical acts,

and perhaps a crazy talent or two will compete for prize money for their troop/crew or pack. Click on the link below

for a working copy of the River Jam's Leader's Guide.

Ninth Annual YES Boy's Holiday Party

Ninth Annual YES Boys’ Holiday Party

Saturday, 3:30PM-5:30PM, December 14, 2013


Who are the YES Boys?

-The YES (Youth Empowerment Services) Shelter is part of the Center for Family Services, and the Shelter houses 16 to 20 boys, ages 11 to 17.

Cape May Young Birders Day

Cape May Young Birders Day October 19th at the Cape May Point State Park

You don't want your children to miss this great opportunity to see some really great

Jurassic Woods

The time was 160 million B.C.E. and the dinosaurs were in their prime.  But something else is in this primeval world, Humans.  A U.S. Army research team has gone back in time to the age of dinosaurs to try and understand their world, but while they are there things go horribly wrong!  Welcome to JURASSIC WOODS!!!