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Cape May Young Birders Day

Cape May Young Birders Day October 19th at the Cape May Point State Park

You don't want your children to miss this great opportunity to see some really great

Jurassic Woods

The time was 160 million B.C.E. and the dinosaurs were in their prime.  But something else is in this primeval world, Humans.  A U.S. Army research team has gone back in time to the age of dinosaurs to try and understand their world, but while they are there things go horribly wrong!  Welcome to JURASSIC WOODS!!!

The Lodge Merger Convention

On January 1, 2013, Burlington County Council and Southern New Jersey Council merged to form a new Boy Scout council to serve the youth in South Jersey - the new Garden State Council, BSA. Each former council had an Order of the Arrow Lodge: Burlington County Council - Hunnikick Lodge #76, and Southern New Jersey Council - Te'kening Lodge #37. Per national policy, a single council is only permitted to operate one Order of the Arrow lodge. As such, Hunnikick and Te'kening must merge together.