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Adults Like Having Fun Too!

The Wood Badge Staff just completed their last weekend prep session and are anxiously waiting for the official start of course N5-690-13! 
If you’ve been thinking about registering for this year’s program, I invite you to take the next step.  Registration is as easy as a few clicks and starts with this one: dk.gardenstatescouting.org/WoodBadge
Don't know much about the Course?

Quakesen Cubmaster Workshop

Cubmasters Workshop on Thursday, September 5th7:00-8:30PM at the Rowan Scout Center.

What will I learn at the workshop?

You will learn:

·         proven methods of recruiting new scouts, leaders & volunteers

·         new ideas for Pack and den meetings

·         new ideas for Pack events & trips

·         How to improve your scout program.

The new website is finally here!

The new gardenstatescouting.org is finally up and running!

The council marketing committee has been hard at work since the middle of 2013 designing a new website for the council. Countless man-hours have been spent designing pages, looking at content, and editing, editing and more editing. The result is a website that the committee thinks will be fresh and exciting for the membership of the council, their parents, and the community at large. New features every user should explore include: