Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the annual Spin to Win Event. Many of you have sent in your list of Popcorn Top Sellers. Based on the numbers we received, we are going to expand the number of participants in the Spin to Win event this year!

We are now requesting a list of everyone in your Pack, Troop or Crew who sold $1200 or more. This is for combined sales of Show and Sells and Take Orders. (Online sales do not count towards the Spin to Win event.)

Please send us your Unit Type and Number, the Scout's full name, address, phone, and amount sold. (Even if you sent us the information previously, it would help to resend it.) Please put "SPIN TO WIN" as the subject.

The Spin to Win Event will be held on Friday, February 17, 2017 at 7:00PM at the LDS Church, 259 Lambs Road, Sewell, NJ 08080. This is the same location as last year and pizza will be provided. Please share this information with your top selling scouts.

We will have a list of all the scouts in order of amount sold and they will be called up to spin a giant wheel. Whatever number the wheel lands on, the scout will be able to go to that particular table and select a prize. There is a lot to choose from!


Welcome to the 2016 Popcorn Season! 

New this year:
  • Early ordering for anyone who wants product to sell Labor Day Weekend!
  • Trail Mix (available by take-order only).
  • Microwave Kettle Corn ingredients reworked so it won't scorch.
  • Cheese Lovers packaging changed and cases cannot be split open.
  • Chocolate Lovers, Sweet and Savory, and Cheese Lovers are only offered in tins.
  • 50% Commission on ONLINE SALES (online sales are not included in totals for prizes).
  • Prizes are based on Show and Sell and Take Order sales only. 
  • NEW TRAIL'S END POPCORN SYSTEM - you register yourself by going to: www.trails-end.com  (Refer to the "New Trail's End Guide for Leaders" if you need assistance. You can download the guide below.)
    Once you register, here is a video from Trail's End to help you with placing your order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D58_lVHpmjg

    Here is a link to all the Trails-End Training Videos

Kick offs:
  • June 4th - Pine Hill, 10am to 12pm
  • June 18th - Program Expo at Roosevelt Scout Reservation, 9am to 10am  (Roosevelt is located at 384 Watsons Mill Rd., Elmer, NJ)
  • August 4th - Rowan and Riggins Scout Resource Centers (7-9pm) - Visit the center most convenient for you.
Order Dates:
  • Early Order: August 12th (No Chocolate and No Trail Mix Available)
  • Show and Sell Order: August 26th (No Trail Mix Available)
  • Take Order: October 28th
Distribution Dates:
  • Early Order: August 27th from 8am to 11am (at Gray's Trucking AND NFI)
  • Show and Sell Order: September 10th from 8am to 11am (at Gray's and Chiarelli Transport
  • Take Order: November 12th from 8am to 11 am  the at Rowan Scout Training Center (695 Rancocas Road, Westampton) and the Riggins Scout Office


Return Dates:

  • October 24th to October 28th (Chocolate products ARE NOT returnable)
  • If you return 25% to 49% of what you originally ordered, you lose 4% commission.  If you return 50% or more, you will lose 8% commission.  (Communication is the key to ensuring you will not lose commission.  If you are sitting on products that aren't selling, contact your District Kernel or District Executive.  We are here to help you.)
  • Early payment: Pay in full by November 4th and you will receive an additional 1% commission
  • Final payment: December 2nd
  • If you pay after December 2nd, you lose commission and the maximum commission drops to 28%


Commissions (Show and Sells and Take Orders):

  • 30% base commission
  • 1% for attending a kickoff
  • 2% for opting out of prizes (OPTION AVAILABLE FOR ALL UNITS THIS YEAR)
  • 1% for early payment
  • 2% if you sell 15% over last year's results
  • 2% if you sell 30% over last year's results
    38% (maximum commission that can be achieved)


Prize Orders:

Due to problems with the Trail's End system, you have until November 9th to enter your prize orders. (If you need help, let us know!) People who opt out of prizes can still get patches.

Any Scout who sells at least $50 is entitled to a patch. If you are opting out of prizes, please just send us an email at: Popcorn@GardenStateScouting.org with the subject "PATCHES" and list the name of the scout, amount sold, and patches needed (patch, military rocker, online sale rocker).


Note: If you opt out of prizes, your scouts are still eligible for the Spin to Win and Fill 'em Up programs. Spin to Win is for the top 100 Scouts in the Council who sell over $1500. Fill 'em up is a drawing Scouts enter for every completely-filled order form. (The dates for Spin to Win and the Fill ‘em Drawing will be announced after the sale is over but usually late January/early February.)


Important Date! December 2, 2016 is the date for:

  • Fill 'em Up Sheets: Photocopies of the completed order forms are acceptable. Feel free to scan and email.
  • Spin to Win Lists: For all Scouts who sold $1500 or more, email the list of scouts (name, address, phone, and amount sold) to Popcorn@gardenstatescouting.org. Please put Spin to Win as the subject.
  • Scholarship Forms (any boys who sell over $2500 are eligible for scholarships. If you earned a scholarship in the past, you will receive 6% of your current sale.
    Note: Online sales, Show and Sells, and Take Orders all count towards scholarships.
  • December 2nd is the final day to pay your popcorn invoice (If you pay after December 2nd, you lose commission.)

If you have any questions contact your District Kernel

District Executive District Kernel Phone Number Email Address
Bill Wasekanes
856-327-1700 x132
Bill Wasekanes 856-327-1700 x132 baysea@msn.com
Joe Blazejewski
609-261-5850 x213
Roger Kirk
Jennifer Ellis
Brian Domzalski
609-261-5850 x220
James Reed
Tim Brennan
Old Colony
Mike Perry
856-327-1700 x130
Michell Evans 732-939-8851 Shell072867@aol.com
White Horse
Janet L. Boris
609-261-5850 x211
Daniel O'Rourke 609-784-6602 omtlaurel@outlook.com
If you have any questions, please email: Popcorn@GardenStateScouting.org