Council Committees

Garden State Council Committees

Chairpersons oversee Committees and work with the advice and consent of the VP of Program and the Staff Advisor

VP of Program:  Jim Schulze    gscvpprogram@gmail.com

Training Committee

Committee Chair:  Rob Bardsley    rbardsley2011@gmail.com
Staff Advisor:  Mike Perry    michael.perry@Scouting.org

  • Coordinates/oversees major Council training events (ITOLS/OWL, Pow Wow, Trainers EDGE, Wood Badge, NYLT, etc.).
  • District Training Chairs, at least five (one per district), are responsible for training at district level and promoting Council Committee events.
  • Supports and coordinates training across and among the Districts based upon critical masses.

Activities Committee

Committee Chair:  Phil Snyder    psnyder.gscbsa@verizon.net
Staff Advisor:  William Wasekanes    william.wasekanes@scouting.org

  • The Committee Chair works with their counter parts in each district.
  • Plans and coordinates Council-wide activates including council camporees and multi-district events. Council and District events will be alternated in the spring and fall.
  • Assists with planning, coordination and execution of District events including camporees.
    • Activities include Jamboree preparation as well as special events, e.g.: awards dinners - adding and reducing event coordinators as required.

Advancement Committee

Committee Chair:  Clayton “Skip” Dane    dane08053@comcast.net
Staff Advisor:  Joseph Blazejewski    joseph.blazejewski@scouting.org

  • Works with District Advancement Chairs and District Eagle Program Coordinators as well as Council Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venture Program Advancement Coordinators insure that the Council Advancement Program meets the needs of the Youth of the Council and addressing the Advancement provisions of the JTE standard serving as quality control.
  • Oversees the Eagle Scout Program and related events insuring coordination among the districts and quality control.
  • Assists in the coordination, quality and completeness of the Advancement Program from the unit to the district to the council.
  • Assists in the coordination and planning of programs to address need’ i.e. Scout College, as units and Districts identify needs.
  • Advertises advancement actives and opportunities across the council.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair:  Al Garcia    cubmasteral@gmail.com
Staff Advisor:  Robert Hayes    robert.hayes@scouting.org

  • Supports recruitment events.

Youth Protection Training Committee

Committee Chair:  John Kelly    johnrkelly@comcast.net
Staff Advisor:  _____________    _____________

  • Ensures compliance with Youth Protection Training requirements throughout Council.

Camping Committee

Committee Chair:  VACANT
Staff Advisor, Cub Scouts:  Janet Boris    janet.boris@scouting.org
Staff Advisor, Boy Scouts:  Mike Perry    michael.perry@Scouting.org

  • Plans and coordinates summer camp opportunities.

Shooting Sports Committee

Committee Chair:  Rick DiGirolamo    rickdigi@verizon.net
Staff Advisor:  Mike Perry    michael.perry@Scouting.org

  • Supports shooting sports activities at Council and District events.
  • Coordinates shooting activities for units.

Religious Relationships Committee

Committee Chair:  Joe Brennan    ccos@gardenstatescouting.org
Staff Advisor:  Janet Boris    janet.boris@scouting.org

Technology Committee

Committee Chair:  Ryan Zambon    ryan.zambon@gardenstatescouting.org
Staff Advisor:  _____________    _____________

  • Maintains hardware and software at the Council's offices and camps.
  • Maintains the Council Web Site.
  • Maintains Council's and social media presence.


Committee Chair:  Dominick DiGioia    dominick.digioia@gmail.com
Staff Advisor:  _____________    _____________

  • Promotes Venturing activities.

Order of the Arrow

Committee Chair:  Rob Festoff    adviser@lenape8.org
Staff Advisor:  Mike Perry    michael.perry@Scouting.org

  • Promotes Order of the Arrow activities.