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Non-Sectarian Scout's Own Service

FILE: NonSectarian_Scouts_Own.pdf

Prepared by Rev. Timothy B. Cargal, Ph.D. for Wood Badge NE-IV-167 (1982-84)

-This is one of my favorite services for the way Rev. Cargal blended references to all twelve points of the Scout Law with a variety of religions from around the world.

N5-690-13 Interfaith Worship Service

FILE: N5-690-13 Interfaith Worship Service.pdf

Prepared by Garden State Council's first Wood Badge class, used on October 27, 2013

-Formatted for printing as a booklet

ITOLS Interfaith Worship Services

FILES: GSC_ITOLS_Scouts_Own_2014Oct.pdf and GSC_ITOLS_Scouts_Own_2014Nov.pdf

Prepared for Garden State Council's ITOLS classes, October & November 2014

-Formatted for printing as a booklet

Interfaith Worship Service, taken from Troop Program Resources

FILE: Interfaithservice.pdf

(BSA Publication 33588, 2010 Printing, pages 103-04)

-Includes additional guidance on Respect for Others Beliefs and other worship situations

Minsi Trails Camp Service A

FILE: Minsi_Trails_Camp_Service_A.pdf

Taken from Minsi Trails Council Website – Chaplain Corp Resources

-Formatted for printing as a folded program

Worship Service 1

FILE: Worship Service 1.pdf

Taken from BoyScoutTrail.com